Iridology - Your Genetic Blueprint

Life Is A Journey - Iridology Is The Map

Constitutional Iridology is a means of determining the strength and weaknesses of the body as well as aspects of personality established by the genetic endowment (parents, grandparents and great-grandparents) of the individual and that which have been modified by their physical environment and emotional factors.  It is the genetic blueprint outlining your uniqueness and your hidden potentials, lessons, and challenges. The personality, body and mind are a direct reflection of the constitution. 

Going through life without this information is like taking a trip without a map.

Explore the iridology structural types below to determine which is unique to you to help you gain a greater understanding of your personality along with insights into a sample of the nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle suggestions for your structural type. 

Also by using the iris we can determine what personality traits and creative abilities you have acquired.  The four primary structures referred to in the Rayid Method are the foundation stones of the mechanism of personality.  Each represents a different aspect of personality; mental, emotional, physical and movement.  They are known as the mental (Jewel) type, the emotional (Flower) type, the kinesthetic (Stream) type and the extremist (Shaker) type.  These four basic personality types, in various combinations, create all the other personality types. 

If you want to learn more about how iridology can make a difference to your health and wellbeing you can purchase an Iridology Assessment under any of the structure types below or click here and select an assessment. A high-resolution digital photograph of your irises will be given to keep as an invaluable health record for your future reference.

Iridology forms part of every naturopathic consultation along with other naturopathic skills.

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