Bitters, Tinctures & Tonics

What are Herbal Bitters? Herbal Bitters contain bitter, digestive and liver-supporting herbs that have traditionally been used for digestive and liver health.  Essentially affecting the entire body.
What are Tinctures & Tonics? Herbal Tinctures & Tonics are formulated to support, rejuvenate & rebuild the body's systems. They assist in maintaining health and do not claim to cure any acute or chronic health issues. 
These are alcohol-based herbal preparations. Alcohol is generally a better solvent than water for extracting most plant constituents. It also acts as a preservative allowing the bitters, tinctures & herbal tonics to have a much longer shelf life. If you are avoiding alcohol entirely or are pregnant, then these bitters, tinctures & tonics are not for you.
Note: These liquid herbs are based on ethanol. Ethanol is essential to extract the full phytochemical profile of some plants when it cannot be achieved using water or glycerol alone. The human liver is naturally conditioned to metabolise small amounts of ethanol from ripe fruit and naturally fermented food. Any toxic effects from ethanol are dose-related, and there is minimal risk of potential ethanol toxicity with herbal extracts due to the low daily dosage required. The recommended dose of your herbal extract is only 2.5ml - 5ml three times per day.  In a 5 mL dose, there is approximately the same amount of ethanol as 1/6 of a standard glass of beer or wine.  

Herbal Bitters
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