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I.O.N Herbals Naturopathic & Iridology Clinic

Welcome to I.O.N Herbals Naturopath and Iridology Clinic

Established by Iridologist, Herbalist and Naturopath, Sharyn Bimrose Adv.Dip.Nat, Adv.Dip.WHM, Adv.Dip.Nut-Med, I.O.N Herbals Naturopathic & Iridology Clinic is based in Tolga. Servicing the Atherton Tablelands areas of Far North Queensland. 

As a natural health practitioner and herbalist I look for the root causes of health issues and make evidence-based and traditional recommendations to help support and nourish the body systems. 


 Iridology Consultations Herbal Medicine Lifestyle Management
Nutritional Medicine Bach Flower Therapy Blood Chemistry & CBC Interpretation
Naturopathic Medicine Physiokey Pain Management Herbal Teas
Pathology Test Kits


  • Initial Consultations (60 minutes) $80.00
  • Online Consultations (60 minutes) $80.00
  • Follow-Up Consultations (30 minutes) $55.00
  • Wellness Journey Membership $200 per month
  • Children under 14 (30-60 minutes) $55.00
  • Acute Consultations (15 minutes) $30.00
  • Virtual Consults via telephone or Skype are available.


With your active participation and engagement, your healing process begins with your initial consultation.  This includes an iridology assessment, blood chemistry and CBC interpretation from a functional perspective (if required), an evaluation of your health (past and presenting signs and symptoms), dietary and lifestyle factors, medical history, medication and supplement review, assessment of any prescription drugs for interactions, and the implementation of your support plan. 

If herbal medicine, practitioner only medicine, herbal teas or Bach Flower therapy is required as part of your support plan, these are an additional cost and will be discussed at each consult. 

Follow-up consultations (depending on how complex your health concerns are) give us time to discuss and monitor improvements, reassess your support plan and are an opportunity for you to ask further questions.

Ready to start the journey in taking an important step toward improving your health? Congratulations!! Please book using the scheduler below. 


In order to provide the best service possible, I thrive on feedback from my clients. I would absolutely appreciate you leaving a review of my services. Use the link below.

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