Herbal Teas for Winter Colds and Flu

 Herbal Teas for Winter Colds and Flu

Got a cough, cold or flu? 

With winter upon us please remember you can book in for an acute naturopathic consultation (15 minutes). This consultation is suitable for conditions such as colds, flu, coughs, sore throats and mild upper respiratory tract infections.

Your symptoms are discussed and with the help of some beautiful herbs and supplements, you will be provided with symptomatic relief.

Some of my favourites (personally tested) are:

Herbal Teas for Winter Colds and FluDe-Stuff - helps to clear congestion in the head.
 Herbal Teas for Winter Colds and FluCough Syrup - provides relief of coughs and helps to ease catarrh of the upper respiratory tract.
Herbal Teas for Winter Colds and Flu Immune Guard - supports the health and function of the immune system.
Herbal Teas for Winter Colds and FluHerbal Throat Spray - soothes the throat.


Can't make a consult why not try some of my great warming and healing herbal teas that can help to kick that cold.

Herbal Teas for Winter Colds and Flu

Ginger and Licorice Herbal Tea 

Makes an excellent cuppa to help move a cold or flu along. Add a teaspoon of manuka honey for an extra boost.

ColdnFlu Herbal Tea

This classic formula supports a cold or flu through its stages helping to ease the symptoms.

Sore Throat Soother Herbal Tea

Soothe your sore throat naturally with herbs that are known to reduce swelling, fight inflammation, and boost the immune system.

Anti-Viral Herbal Tea

A bug fighting ANTI-VIRAL herbal infusion that may help reduce the duration and severity of the cold or flu.

Lemon Lover Herbal Tea

Lemon myrtle's antiviral and antispasmodic properties make this extremely aromatic and flavorful fresh-tasting tea perfect to help fight colds and flu.


Not so many of us are good at resting while we are ill but you must make sure you rest when you come down with a cold or flu as this helps your body direct its energy toward the immune battle.