Iridology Consultation

Connective Tissue Structural Type

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Unique Characteristics

Your iris fibres are very loose with many openings and irregular patterns. They look like they have many flower petals in them.  

Potential Tendencies

  • You are very creative and spontaneous
  • You feel everything very deeply
  • You are very social
  • You are a great communicator
  • You are attracted to art, nature, beauty and music
  • You need to pace yourself or else you tend to overdo things and can end up burning out

Health Improvement Suggestions

  • Eat foods that nourish the glands such as soaked nuts and seeds, sprouts, legumes, foods high in iodine, bee pollen, royal jelly, blue-green algae, and chlorella
  • Avoid sugar, caffeine, and processed foods
  • Eat small frequent meals throughout the day to keep your blood sugar balanced
  • Drink oat straw, nettle leaf and horsetail herbal tea which is extremely rich in minerals to strengthen connective tissue, muscles and the bones.
  • Take breaks during the day
  • Avoid working in jobs where you have to stand all-day
  • Participate in regular low impact exercise, stretching well beforehand

    Your lesson in life is to use your natural gift of communication.

    If you would like to learn more about your Constitutional type and how it relates to your health and wellness I offer online & in-clinic iridology assessments (with prearranged photos from your digital camera or smartphone or visit my practice for your professional photos).