Purchase Herbal Tea Online

Purchasing herbal infusions and organic tea online has been made very easy with I.O.N. Herbals.

Qualified Naturopath and Herbalist, Sharyn Bimrose is committed to promoting a healthier and more active lifestyle, with the natural healing properties of organic herbal teas.

Sharyn created I.O.N Herbals Herbal Tea Room & Apothecary as a means to introduce more people to the health benefits of nourishing herbal teas.

With the combination of her vast knowledge in herbal medicine, her skill as a practising Naturopath and her genuine caring attitude to both the people and our planet, Sharyn has established a practical way to spread the word about the many and varied health benefits associated with the taking of herbal teas.

With modern technology and the far-reaching ability of the internet, it makes sense for people in Australia to be able to purchase these beautiful products, easily online.

Not only does Sharyn have a delicious collection of herbal teas blended to provide various health benefits, but also many of the blends target specific ailments.

Taking Tea To Help With Specific Ailments

This is the time of the year when most of us start to get the sniffles, nagging coughs, clogged sinuses and the usual telltale lurgy symptoms.

This is definitely the time, when a cup of herbal tea, is just what you need.

Some of Sharyn’s herbal tea blends have been designed to help with specific ailments, including the bug fighting blend called ANTI-VIRAL.

The ANTI-VIRAL herbal infusion is a very handy tea to have on hand at this time of the year.

It is designed to help reduce the duration and severity of the flu or cold, with its actions assisting in the easing of aches, pains, discomfort and irritability as well as supporting the fever in all its stages during your flu.

You can also choose to alternate during the day with COLDnFLU herbal tea for added support.

Professional Advice

Sometimes we can become a little overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the correct item for a specific purpose, especially when we are needing to address a particular health issue.

You may need to deal with a cold, you may suffer from arthritic pain, or maybe you are just feeling a little tired, therefore why not ask the question.

Sharyn is committed to helping each customer find the right blend so that they feel fantastic and enjoy every sip.

To Contact Sharyn, for further information.

Email: sharynb@ionherbals.com.au

Phone: 0402 609 789

Mail: PO Box 1121, Tolga QLD 4882