Choosing The Best Quality Dried Herbs

Choosing the Best Quality Dried Herbs

Every herb has a unique flavour, energy and purpose, therefore, the better the quality of the dried herb you use, the better will be the results for your health. I am sure you have tried a variety of commercial products, but now I hope you will go further with the experience and try quality dried herbs.

A good way to ensure that you are getting top quality dried herbs for your teas and infusions is to know what you should be accessing when your product arrives.

The four ways to tell if your dried herb is fresh, of high quality, potent and will work, is with its colour, smell, touch and taste.


Your herbs should have a good natural, vibrant colour. They should not look faded. For example, Calendula will be a gorgeous golden orange colour, a sight to the eyes, and nettle should be a rich dark green.


Breathe in its aroma, your herbs should smell fresh. With strong aromatic herbs like lavender and peppermint is the smell as potent as you would expect? If there is not the smell you would expect, or it is faded this is suggesting the volatile oils have evaporated away, therefore, it is of no therapeutic use. Another example would be herbs such as dandelion leaf and nettle leaf which should smell earthy and natural. If it does not smell like something you want to taste then it should not be drunk.

There should also be a pleasant aroma when your herbal tea has stepped and you are sipping it.


The sensation of touching your herbs only adds to the information that has been gained by looking at them. Your dried herbs should generally feel crisp or firm to touch, always dry, clean and vital.


Taste is crucial! Your herbal tea or infusion should not taste musty or artificial. When you consume your herbal tea or infusion, you should be able to feel their effects and enjoy each mouthful without wincing.

All that remains now is to sit back, sip and enjoy your herbal tea or infusion.

Happy drinking!