Playing the Matrix by Mike Dooley

Playing the Matrix by Mike Dooley

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Condition: Good

The book has yellowing on the very edge of the pages otherwise in good condition with no missing or damaged pages.

Based on the bestselling online course and now published for the first time in paperback, Playing the Matrix is Mike Dooley's most impactful, most transformational programme ever. It clearly reveals why 'manifesting' sometimes works with incredible ease and sometimes fails us, and explains the 'Bermuda Triangle of Manifesting' that too often leads to heartbreak and loss. In this book, readers will discover how to:

- achieve clarity in purpose and desire
- avoid contradictions and self-sabotage
- fuel their dreams with passion without clinging to unimportant details and outcomes
- plan and take action on their dreams without messing with the 'cursed hows'

Playing the Matrix lays out the actual physical and metaphysical mechanics of manifestation, including the individual's role in the equation of reality creation, to deliberately orchestrate the changes we most wish to see.