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Dr Edward Bach, a British GP, made the revolutionary connection between state of mind and state of body, realising that the person's emotional state has a direct influence on their physical condition. In fact, it is the primary cause of most ailments.  Therefore, the correct treatment would be to eradicate the cause of the problem, which is usually in the mind.  He concluded that he had to locate the trigger that could change the person's emotional state. 

To apply his radical theory (at that time), he studied pharmacology and homoeopathy so as to understand the use of plants and flowers in medicine.  He specialised in flowers, classifying them according to how they influence a number of emotional states which were responsible for causing numerous ailments.  

Dr Bach spent years researching flower and plant extracts, and finally during the early 1930's, came up with a package of 38 flower extracts.  These remedies are not in the least dangerous to health and can be used in combination without any side effects. 

Since the eyes are the windows to the soul and, therefore, to the emotions, the irises help to identify which Bach Flower Remedies are appropriate in helping to bring your emotions back into balance, restoring them to their positive potential in managing the emotional demands of everyday life.

Dr Edward Bach would say:
❝If cold, put on a cardigan and, if hungry, have something to eat; if you wake up one day lacking in confidence take some drops of Larch.❞