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Mental Calm flower essence and herbal blend can be used for helping to ease the constant chatter of the mind bringing calm and clarity.

Mental Calm Blend

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Mental Calm Blend can be used for helping to ease the constant chatter of the mind bringing calm and clarity to a mind that is so cluttered with thought that it is unable to concentrate. These persistent thoughts allow neither sleep, produce constant worry, and leave you unable to switch off mentally. Ideal for the mind that drives the body - you begin to think more than you feel.

The negative state has unwanted thoughts. 

The positive state has stillness of the mind.

Complementary Bach Flowers can be added to your Mental Calm Blend to reinforce its action. Select (if necessary) from the following Bach Flowers.

Pine - when there is guilt associated with persistent thoughts.
Walnut - when recurring thoughts relate to a strong emotional attachment.
Mimulus - when there is fear associated with persistent thoughts.
Olive - when there is mental and physical exhaustion.

Enhancing Your Blend: Engage in relaxing and calming practices for the mind such as meditation, regular exercise, yoga or Taichi.

Directions: 10 drops to be taken 3 times daily in filtered water or as often as needed and at 10-minute intervals until Mental Calm is restored.

Ingredients: White Chestnut, Skullcap, Water, Ethanol.

Basic questions and additional information on Bach Flower Remedies are answered here.

Care of your remedy: Store your remedy away from direct light & heat, strong smells (such as essential oils) and electrical appliances such as mobile phones and microwaves.  Do not store in the fridge.