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Custom Blend Flower Essences

Custom Blend Flower Essences

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Bach Flowers are made directly from selected flowers. The inherent life force that is unique to each Bach Flower is captured and preserved in liquid form.  It is this liquid that acts as a medium between plant and person to provide improvements to the quality of life. Bach Flower Essences act as a catalyst for positive inner transformation directed at a particular characteristic or emotional state.

I.O.N Herbals offers Bach Flower Custom Blend Essences which enables you to custom formulate your own Flower Essence Blend.

If you know the Flower Essence, you would like in your Custom Blend select it from the drop-down menus.  You may choose up to four Bach Flower Essences for your blend. The Flower Essence Base is what your Flower Essences will be carried in.  

If you are unsure and need a little help, I have provided a list of Bach Flower Essence Core Issues described in relation to the essence.  Select your Flower Essence associated with what is happening for you NOW and what calls to you the most. The emotional or mental state for each Bach Flower Essence in the Bach Flower Essence Core Issues list provided does not need to match you in every issue.

Basic questions and additional information on Bach Flower Remedies are answered here.

Please note the Flower Essence Bases Rose Hips, Chamomile and Elderberry contain alcohol.  Please choose Marshmallow if you require an alcohol-free base.