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Confidence flower essence and herbal blend can be used for loss or lack of self-confidence, self-expression, or self-assertion, helping to achieve your personal best.

Confidence Blend

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Confidence Blend can be used for fear of failure, for fear of public speaking, and for speech problems, for loss or lack of self-confidence, to encourage more creative self-expression, to encourage self-assertion, to encourage having a go, and to help achieve personal best.

The negative state has fear of failure or no attempt made. 

The positive state tries for personal best.

Complementary Bach Flowers can be added to your Confidence Blend to reinforce its action. Select (if necessary) from the following Bach Flowers.

Elm - when fear of failure arises out of an overburden of responsibility.
Gentian - when fear and discouragement comes from repeated setbacks.
Willow - when an unwillingness to have a go leads to resentment about the fact that things aren't going the way you would like them to.
Walnut - when old attachments and influences make expressing one's views and/or desires seem too risky and difficult.

Enhancing Your Blend: Spend time in the company of those who will give you encouragement and support. Always remember nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Directions: 10 drops to be taken 3 times daily in filtered water or as often as needed and at 10-minute intervals until Confidence is restored. 

Ingredients: Larch, Chamomile, Water, Ethanol. 

Basic questions and additional information on Bach Flower Remedies are answered here.

Care of your remedy: Store your remedy away from direct light & heat, strong smells (such as essential oils) and electrical appliances such as mobile phones and microwaves.  Do not store in the fridge.