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30 Day Celloid Mineral Therapy Program is a safe, effective, simple intervention for many illnesses.

30 Day Celloid Mineral Therapy Program

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Takes Wellness to a New Level

In your 30 Day Celloid Mineral Therapy Program, you will receive four bottles of Celloid Minerals (84 tablets per bottle), specific to your deficiencies, questionnaires and a quick-start guide on when and how to take your Celloid Minerals.

You also have the option to choose to purchase 420 mls of high quality liquid herbal medicine to enhance your Celloid Mineral Therapy. Click the arrow in the above drop-down box and select "Celloid Mineral Plus Herbal Tincture".

All instructions and questionnaires will be downloadable (via a separate email) once payment has been received at checkout. 

When your questionnaire and accompanying paperwork has been completed and emailed back to your Celloid Minerals will be posted.

Blend with Benefits

Purchase any bag of 50g blended herbal tea with your order and receive free shipping! 

Note: The liquid herbs are based on ethanol. Ethanol is essential to extract the full phytochemical profile of the plant; this cannot be achieved using water or glycerol alone. The human liver is naturally conditioned to metabolise small amounts of ethanol from ripe fruit and naturally fermented food. Any toxic effects from ethanol are dose-related, and there is minimal risk of potential ethanol toxicity with herbal extracts due to the low daily dosage required. The recommended dose of your herbal extract is only 3 mL three times per day.  In a 5 mL dose, there is approximately the same amount of ethanol as 1/6 of a standard glass of beer or wine.