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Lyme Disease

Natural Healing of Lyme Disease & 
Its Co-Infections Using a Naturopathic Approach


Spirochete (coiled hair) is a particular bacterium that causes a tick-borne illness commonly known as Lyme Disease.  This bacterium is extremely smart in its ability to avoid detection by way of morphing (into three distinct forms), going stealth and even creating new strains to evade the immune system. The spirochete that causes the tick-borne illness commonly known as Lyme Disease belongs to the genus Borrelia.

There are over 300 strains of Borrelia worldwide not just the textbook definition of Lyme Disease being caused by Borrelia burgdorferi. Lyme Disease is an infection that can be caused by a much broader range of Borrelia species.

Humans can contract Borrelia via the bite of an infected tick, from which that tick acquires the infection from another host species. Most Lyme patients contract co-infections because ticks also transmit other bacterial infections and viruses via a single bite. 

Borrelia can be transmitted via other methods. These include:

  • other vectors (e.g. insects – mosquitoes, midges, and others)
  • human body fluids (sexual intercourse)
  • placental transfer and breast milk.

The two most common Lyme co-infections are Babesia/Babesiosis and Bartonella/Bartonellosis. Others include Anaplasma, Ehrlichia, Rickettsia, Mycoplasma, Coxiella, Melioidosis, Tularemia, Mammalian Meat Allergy (Alfa Gal).

There is no quick-fix solution for treating Lyme Disease and its co-infections.

The standard western medical approach is primarily limited to killing spirochetes using antibiotics which is just not enough.  To successfully treat Lyme and its co-infections, it is necessary to yes kill the spirochetes but also to support the many body systems that work together, provide symptomatic relief, and then rebuild. 

If you have already tried other interventions with no result or worsening symptoms or just don't know where to start to get a diagnosis, it may be time to consider a different approach.

My comprehensive treatment plan encompasses:

  • Specific Lyme tests can be arranged in the initial consultation if needed
  • Education on antibiotics (should you choose to use them), their reactions, how to offset them and how to make them work more effectively
  • Challenge test using herbal antimicrobials
  • Reducing pain and inflammation
  • Supporting detoxification and elimination
  • Supporting immune function
  • Supporting gut health
  • Supporting mood, sleep and cognitive function
  • Supporting energy 
  • Dietary support (including 7 days of meal plans)
  • Gentle lifestyle adjustments
  • Naturopathic and herbal treatment to directly target Lyme and its co-infections

As Lyme Disease and its co-infections are complex in their treatment, you are my ideal client if you are committed to following your individualised prescribed treatment plan.  Please understand that naturopathy is not a quick fix, and it is essential to go slow for your comfort while treating Lyme Disease and its co-infections; therefore, it can take time to achieve your health goals.

Know that recovery from Lyme disease and its coinfections is possible.

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