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What Are Bach Flowers?

Bach Flower Remedies

Dr Edward Bach would say:
❝If cold, put on a cardigan and, if hungry, have something to eat; if you wake up one day lacking in confidence take some drops of Larch.

The Bach Flowers are a set of thirty-eight healing remedies.  They come in a bottled liquid form and are taken orally a few drops at a time.  They are entirely naturally derived and are made directly from specially selected flowers, picked at the time in their blooming that will give them the greatest healing power.

In the early 1930s Dr Edward Bach, a British GP, made the revolutionary connection between state of mind and state of body, realising that the person's emotional state has a direct influence on their physical condition. In fact, it is the primary cause of most ailments.  Therefore, the correct treatment would be to eradicate the cause of the problem, which is usually in the mind.  He concluded that he had to locate the trigger that could change a person's emotional state. 

To apply his radical theory (at that time), he studied pharmacology and homoeopathy to understand the use of plants and flowers in medicine.  He specialised in flowers, classifying them according to how they influence a number of emotional states which were responsible for causing numerous ailments.  

Dr Bach spent years researching flower and plant extracts, and finally during the early 1930s, came up with a package of 38 flower extracts.  These remedies are not in the least dangerous to health and can be used in combination without any side effects. 

Bach Flower Remedies can help you manage the emotional demands of everyday life.


Bach Flower Remedy White Chestnut

  How Do I Self-Prescribe?

 The key to choosing the most appropriate essence for yourself lies in what you feel at this moment.  Matching how you feel now with the descriptions of Bach Flower emotional states will direct you to the essence or essences most beneficial to you.  Often it is easy to relate an essence to your past experience, but it is important to choose according to present feelings, rather than from an analysis of your personal life-history.

How Often To Take Your Bach Flowers And When?

Bach Flower Essences are taken orally, either directly onto the tongue via a glass dropper, in a small amount of water, or added to your water drink bottle and sipped slowly.  The ideal frequency of your dose is three to four times daily.  In acute cases, such as after an accident or other trauma, the essences may be taken more frequently, this can be as often as every 5 minutes for half an hour or longer.

We are most susceptible to the healing influence of Bach Flowers at bedtime, and on rising as at these times, we are usually our most relaxed and therefore more receptive.  Also, during sleep, we process much of the day’s stress and receive insights from the unconscious.  The two other doses (if you have not added your Bach Flower Essence to your water bottle) should be taken as evenly apart across the day as possible – just before lunch and just before the evening meal.

Are Bach Flowers Essences Safe and Do They Produce Any Side Effects?

Bach Flower Essences are completely safe.  There is no possibility of a toxic effect as the physical amount of plant substance in your essences is so minute.  Infants, children, the elderly and even pets respond positively to a well-chosen Bach Flower Essence.

Bach Flowers have an inbuilt safety mechanism.  If you choose an essence that is not appropriate, the worst effect it can have is absolutely no effect.

How Long Do I Need To Take Them For?

The length of time depends entirely on the nature of the issue being addressed.  A long-term problem possibly one that has manifested in your early childhood may take time.  An essence may be taken for some months, and then later for some months again as different aspects of the problem gradually resolve, and new insights are gained.  If you are experiencing recent emotional trauma, you may only require a few doses of the appropriated essence to give relief.  After having a good response to your essence, you may not need to take it again.

How Many Essences Can I Take At One Time?

The ideal number of essences to take at one time is between one and four.  If you take more than four essences simultaneously, this can make them less effective because it is too overwhelming to deal with so many personal issues at any one time.  Sometimes too many essences have a diluting effect on each other, and the overall result is a more superficial one.  The exception here is Bach Flower Rescue Remedy.


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Changes in the text have been made. However, the majority of this information has been taken from Mark Wells’s book The Bach Flowers Today.