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The Chemistry Of Taste

ION Herbals Herbal Tea

Your sense of taste is mediated by taste receptor cells which are bundled in clusters called taste buds. Your taste buds are made to sense and analyse the chemistry of everything you put into your mouth. They are the gatekeepers that allow you to evaluate the toxicity and nutrient density of foods and to stimulate digestive function preparing the body to metabolise food and drink once they have been ingested. 

The most important aspect of your tea is how it tastes. Therefore, each time you drink herbal tea, take some time to focus on the taste which makes up the flavour.  Also being aware of how much the aroma excites your senses only adds to the quality of your tea blend. Remembering that it is your taste receptor cells that are distinguishing between the sweet, sour, bitter, pungent, and astringent tastes.

Loose leaf herbal teas have a more complex and intense flavour, are more energetic and longer-lasting, than you will experience in your mass-produced pre-packaged traditional herbal tea bags.

This is not to say you can’t use the single-use, disposable tea infuser bags. When loose herbs are bagged this way as needed, by yourself or in small batches by me (on request) their potency, smell and flavour stay the same.

So go on and get your steep on! Try my herbal tea infusions; the difference will amaze you!