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What is Iridology?


Iridology Consultation


 The eyes are the mirror not only of the soul but also of the body. -Ignaz von Peczely


Iridology is a form of analysis that is non-invasive to the body and is done by taking a photo of each eye. The iris (the coloured part of your eye) is the most complex external structure of the human body having a connection to every organ and tissue of the body by way of the nervous system.  Therefore, your iris structure and colour reveals an enormous amount of information about your body and mind.

Such information to a skilled iridologist provides tremendous information on your health and well-being and provides early detection of potential health issues – which is priceless.   

Iridology can help you support your body's unique nutritional needs and provide an insight into which vitamins, minerals and herbs are best suited to your structural type.  Iridology can also point out a variety of personality traits.  As the more you know about your inherent personality, the better you are equipped in dealing with the negative and positives that can impact your health.

Iridology can also help with lifestyle choices best suited to your structural type, which are just as important for good health.  For example, the structural type "Anxiety Tetanic" is a person who would tend to lose minerals quickly as they have a habit of hurrying, multitasking and ignoring the need to "chill out".  They have many irons in the fire, with many projects on the go and are serious list makers.   They are incredibly motivated, highly diversified and very ambitious; however, when out of balance, they tend to be anxious and hold a great deal of tension in their body. 

You can see that knowing this vital piece of genic information is just the start to helping to identify that the main lifestyle goal for this structural type would be to learn to pace themselves, create balance and put in place a routine.  With modifications made to include regular exercise to help reduce stress and anxiety along with putting into place other methods of relaxation.

Many other iris indicators can help the skilled iridologist determine tissue integrity throughout the body, current health problems, and provide insight into what you may be predisposed to in the future. This information gives the skilled iridologist the insight to understand, assess, and put into place a tailored treatment plan to improve current health conditions and prevent ill-health.

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