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Herbal Tea For Colds and Flu

Herbal Tea for Cold and Flu


With a temperature change coming, it's time to prepare for cold and flu season.

The common cold typically present with a cough, sore throat, sinus congestion, sneezing, copious mucous, headache and even eye irritation. With the flu, throw in fever and musculoskeletal pain to the mix.

Can our plant allies in the form of herbal tea help with this? Definitely!

When you first feel (or even after it has taken hold) a cold or flu coming on, try this classical European triplet of herbs.

  • Peppermint (Mentha piperita)
  • Elderflower (Sambucus spp.)
  • Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)

The key players in this winter wellness blend that can provide support do so in their unique way.

Yarrow a highly versatile remedy with countless virtues, most notably famous for supporting fevers.  Its aim is not to suppress a fever but to support it. A fever is our bodies natural way of protecting us from infection. When a fever is suppressed, pathogens can reproduce much more rapidly. We want to support the fever using herbs to help the process. Yarrow will produce sweating and help the body to do what it may be struggling to achieve. By driving the heat up and out, it will open the pores of the skin and induce sweating, thereby lowering body temperature and helping the fever to break.

The aromatic compounds in Yarrow can also help to relieve congestion in the lungs and upper respiratory tract. It has been used as a remedy for centuries to support common colds, flu and sinus congestion.

Elderflowers prepared as a hot tea also helps promote rapid perspiration along with the added benefit of relaxing tension in the muscles.  While having an affinity for the upper respiratory system through its decongestant and expectorant action, it helps clear upper respiratory symptoms such as postnasal drip and a stuffy nose. 

Tasty Peppermint also helps promote sweating during fever as well as easing congestion.  Peppermint aims to help with the aches and pain associated with the flu. Other beneficial properties of Peppermint include its antimicrobial action to help fight viral and bacterial infections and to calm tension and irritability in the nervous system.

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